Podiatry chair, electric 215 kg

Electric with 4 motors, neck cushion, hand and foot controls and central locking castors.

Strong - lifts patients up to 215 kg

Item No: 010-5015

Tarsus' electric Podiatry and Chiropody chair is designed by Tarsus in close consultation with some of Sweden's most experienced and renowned teachers in Chiropody and Podiatry. The result is a practical, user-friendly, ergonomic and very sturdy chair.

With its 4 motors, the chair is easily adjusted to a perfect work posture.

Model for 215 kg.

The hand control has separate up/down buttons for 6 separate adjustments:

* The right legrest
* The left legrest
* Both legrests simultaneously
* The height of the chair
* The seat tilt
* Height, seat tilt and legrests simultaneously - very practical when re-setting the chair from highest position to the patient-step-off position after treatment.

All-welded powder-coated steel chassis with central locking castors. Electric height adjustment, sturdy construction.

Seat tilt
Electrically adjustable. The chair may be tilted to Trendelenburg position.

Foam plastic padding, artificial leather cover, high comfort. Available in many different colours to match the room decor. The backrest pad is available with an aperture as option, which makes it possible to use the chair also for massage therapy.

Manually adjustable with gas spring.

Individually adjustable by motors. The length and heel support adjusts manually. The working height at the heel is max ca 130 cm.

Very stable. May be folded backwards if the patient needs to get on/off the chair from/to a wheel chair or bed. Pad size 41 x 9 cm (L x W).
Height under the chassis
Ca 13 cm to the cover. 5 cm to the column.

100 mm central locking castors included. Release/lock all castors with one press.

Motors and controls
220-240 V, controls 24 V. Foot Controls plus a hand Control included as standard.

Hand controls
The hand control included is wired, while a wireless hand control is optional. Apart from the 4 up/down controls for separate adjustment of the 4 motors, the hand Control also includes a function that adjusts 4 motors simultaneously (the angle, height and both foot rests). It's meant as a reset button after a treatment is finished and the patient is to get off the table.

The hand Control can be stored hanging on included hooks on both sides.

Seat tilt
Electrically adjustable.

Neck cushion
Included, very comfortable. Ajustable up/down.

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Length with extended footrests: 202 cm.
Length with minimized footrests: 180 cm.
Leg and footrest length from end of seat: Including footrest 40-62 cm, excluding footrest 27 cm.
Width: 55 cm.
Height: 53-93 cm.
Max height at patient heel: 130 cm.
Weight: 95 kg.
Lift capacity: 160 kg.
Seat angle: 0-24º.
Backrest angle: 0-71º.

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