Sjöbloms manufacture medical furniture such as examination tables, gynaecology chairs, tables, trollies, IV stands and sack holders. We are also the manufacturer of the widely respected Tarsus massage table.

Dividing screens

Screens for dividing a room
2 or 3 sections

Children's cots and beds

Cots and infant cradles,
electric or mechanical

Tables & Trollies

1 or several shelves,
with or without handle

Podiatry & Chiropody

Electric with 4 motors,
for 160 or 215 kg.

Physio therapy tables

We produce the famous
Tarsus massage tables

Gynaecology and Combigyn

Gyn chairs or a combi
of gyn and examination

IV & Heavy duty stands

Standard steel and
collapsible aluminum stands


We sell KERN Products like scales
but also microscopes

MRI compatible

MRI compatible trollies
and tables


Examination, magnifier, reading
bed, reception and many more

Measuring equipment

Measuring sticks, dynamometers,
circumference tape

Wall paper-roll holder

Wall mounted
paper-roll holder

Emergency trollies

Patient trollies, stretcher chassis,
air emergency transport trollies

Policlinic table

Electric table for minor

Blood sample chairs

Electric and manual
blood sample chairs

Cleaning & Disinfection

Solutions for cleaning/disinfection
and holders


Kickbikes, transport bikes,
Monark, Speedy and Ergobjörn

Chairs & stools

Saddle stools, stools, manual and
electric patient & staff chairs

Sack holders

For 30, 60 and 125 litre
plastic and cloth bags

Examination tables

2 or 3 sectioned tables,
for 200 or 300 kg


Scales for all ages,cales,
chair scales, bathroom scales etc

ENT and Ophtalmology

Chairs for ENT and