About us

Sjöbloms (formally Sjöbloms Sjukvårdsutrustning AB) is a Swedish family owned company founded 1948. Owner Olow and CEO David are third and fourth generation Sjöblom.

Our business idea: ”We shall product develop, manufacture and sell products with high class functionality, modern design and highest quality to competitive prices. With our products we aim to make our customer's daily work more efficient and help improve their work environment.”

Our long experience with medical staff helps to give our products a design both patient and user friendly. Our high quality demands,an open ear towards the users and an excellent customer service have made us a leading supplier to the Scandinavian market.

Apart from Sweden we are market-leaders in Norway for our segment, medical furniture, both towards the public and the private sectors.

We have resellers all over the world.

Since 1989 we also manufacture a massage table known as the Tarsus table, very fameous for being one of the very best available. Numerous national and local sports teams as well as massage therapist educators use our tables.