Heavy-duty IV stand, with handle and pump holder

Robust stand with Heavy foot for multiple pumps.

Including handle and pump holder for horisontal attachment.

Item No: 080-3930

IV stand for multiple pumps, with handle and pump holder. Very robust and stable design, for many pumps.

All-welded chromium-plated steel tubes, 30 and 19 mm. Including 4 hanging hooks.

Heavy and very sturdy five-leg foot in powder coated steel.

Foot diameter
70 cm.

Locking mechanism
The locking of the knob is of an expander design. Since the expander locks around the whole inner tube, it provides for a soft and effective locking.

Adjustable in height.

75 mm ball bearing antistatic castors, 2 with locking device. Grey rubber.

Pump holder
For mounting of pumps sideways. Height 65 cm. 25 mm tubes.

145-240 cm

13 kg (excluding the pump holder (1,7 kg) and handle (0,4 kg).

Max load
No formal max load

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