Vela Thorax

Sturdy chair, electric height adjustment, central locking castors.

An extra low backrest makes it perfect for seated x-ray like Thorax etc.

Item No: 70031

Vela is a Danish manufacturer of quality chairs and stools since 1935.

Vela Thorax is a sturdy, robust chair electrically height adjustable. With the pair-locking castors and its extra low backrest it is very suitable for seated x-ray like Thorax.

The stable chassis with pair-locked castors increases the feeling of safety for the user. Also available with central locking castors locking all 4 castors at the same time.

Tiltable, which helps when getting on and off.

The armrests may be adjusted in height and side. Since they may be lowered to the same level as the seat, it’s easy to get on and off the chair also sideways, from wheelchair or bed.

Height and depth adjustable.

Artificial leather
The Compound artificial leather has a nice surface that doesn’t feel slippery and sweaty. Black is standard, others available.

Compound fulfil all high demands for medical use, with solutions up to 70-85% alcohol and chlore disinfection (1000-1200 ppm). After disinfecting, do a cold water wipe-off.

Height 42-62 cm
Seat 44x44 cm
Backrest 29x10 cm
Armrest pad 9x30 cm
Armerst height 0-24 cm
Chassis 55x55 cm
Max user weight 160 kg

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