Derung luminaires

Just like a Swiss watch is known for quality and precision, so are the Swiss luminaires from Derungs .

The assortment contains luminaires for any room in a hospital or nursing home, for ceiling, wall or floor usage. Model HALUX may be mounted onto our gynaecology chair or the Podiatry chair.

Derungs have won a number of awards over the years, at late for the OPTICLUX magnifying luminaires as well as the bathroom version of ZERA.

For general environments

Luminaires for corridors,
waiting areas etc.

Magnifier luminaires

Luminaires with,
magnifying glass

Lab luminaires

Luminaires for lab,
for shelves and tables.

Reading and bed luminaires

Luminaires for elderly homes,
rest areas etcetera.

Surgery luminaires

Luminaires for simpler,
surgery procedures.

Orientation luminaires

Luminaires for corridors,
hallways etcetera.

Examination luminaires

Luminaires for general
examinations of patients.

Pulse VTL

Luminaires and systems
imitating biodynamic light.