Vela Basic Blood sample chair

An ergonomic and comfortable chair with adjustable armrestspå kulled.

Item No: 80111

Vela is a Danish manufacturer of quality chairs and stools since 1935.

Vela Basic is a simple, ergonomic and comfortable blood sample chair with rounded, turnable armrests. The seat rotates 360 degrees and has also a rotation lock at 90 degrees left and right, which helps staff being flexible.

The robust and flexible armrests with a ball-joint is adjustable in height 0-24 cm measured from the seat. The ball-joint makes finetuning easy. Pad size 29x11 cm.

Ergonomic design, 37x30 cm.

Ergonomic design, 44x44 cm.

Height adjustment
39-54 cm as standard. Height adjusted by gas spring.

Artificial leather
The Compound artificial leather has a nice surface that doesn’t feel slippery and sweaty. Black is standard, others available.

Compound fulfil all high demands for medical use, with solutions up to 70-85% alcohol and chlore disinfection (1000-1200 ppm). After disinfecting, do a cold water wipe-off.

Height 39-54 cm
Seat size 44x44 cm
Seat tilt 6° forward, 3° backwards
Seat depth 37-44 cm
Backrest size 37x30 cm
Backrest height adjustment 10 cm
Backrest tilt 10° forward, 13° backwards
Armrest pad 29x11 cm
Weight 24 kg
Max user weight 125 kg

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