3-sectioned emergency patient trolley

Item No: B1-130-1100

"THIS is how an emergency trolley is supposed to work!"

(quote Lars-Johan Vestlinder, coordinator at the ER, Sundsvalls hospital, who during the spring 2015 bought 55 pcs)

The Tarsus 3-sectioned emergency patient trolley is developed in consultations with ER staff. It's a stable, easy-rolling trolley for hectic environments. Hydraulic adjustment, practical steering handles at the backrest short-end side.

Hydraulic height adjustment. Adjustment of backrest, Trendelenburg position and legrest by gas spring variably.

All-welded chromium-plated Swedish steel. Sturdy Construction with four lifting points.

Bed top
3-sectioned. Bumper Wheels in all corners, steering handle on the backrest short-end side.

Variably adjusted by hydraulic pump via foot pedals.

Trendelenburg position
Variably adjusted by gas spring via handles.

Variably adjusted by gas spring via handles.

Variably adjusted by gas spring via handles.

Accessory. Folds, easy to handle, length 110 cm.

IV stand
Accessory. Folds away if not in use, height adjustable, easy to handle.
Easy-rolling central locking 150 mm castors, one with directional lock to facilitate long, straight transports.

Fifth steering castor
An excellent option helping tremendously while manouvering the trolley in a small and narrow space. Order with the trolley, may not be post ordered. If chosen, this fifth castor replaces the directional locking castor.

The standard pad is has a 10 cm thick padding, of which 5 cm is a pressure releaving material. Available in four different designs, with or without handles, with or without a low-friction coated side.

Wire basket
The included wire basket pulls out.

Protective cover
Protects the hydraulic pump. Its smooth design helps when cleaning.

Gas flask holder
Accessory. For 2.5 and 5 litre bottles.

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