Vela Samba 150

Developed with a Danish dentist for his practice.

With a unique, short, ergonomic seat with rounded corners and a heavily padded front.

Item No: 80143-12

Vela is a Danish manufacturer of quality chairs and stools since 1935.

Vela Samba 150 was developed with the Danish dentist Herluf Skovsgaard. The chair has a unique short, ergonomic seat with rounded corners and a heavily padded front.

The short seat may be tilted forward helping staff to come very close to a patient. It’s built on several different pad fillings, which increases the feeling of stability. The seat’s rounded front helps to good blood circulation in the legs also during long working days.

The narrow size gives an optimal support for the center of the back. Its shape gives free movement for back, shoulders and arms and provides a good comfort also for longer hours. Since you can adjust the backrest also backwards, you may also sit in ”the wrong” direction and work actively with the arm/arms resting on the armrest.

75 mm, two locking.

Artificial leather
The Compound artificial leather has a nice surface that doesn’t feel slippery and sweaty. Black is standard, others available.

Compound fulfil all high demands for medical use, with solutions up to 70-85% alcohol and chlore disinfection (1000-1200 ppm). After disinfecting, do a cold water wipe-off.

Height 60-86 cm (standard, hand control)
Seat 46x35 cm (mod 100 and 110), 40x35 (mod 120)
Backrest 46x35 cm
Seat tilt 7° forwards, 7° backwards
Weight ca 12 kg
Max user weight 125 kg

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