Vivaa luminaire

Creates a friendly atmosphere in hallways, lobbies and common rooms

400 or 600 mm diameter.

Item No: 15 529 000

ViVAA offers a host of design options: depending on the room height, one can choose between a pendant version with 300 or 500 millimetre long pendulums and a surface-mounted version. Two possible diameters, with 400 or 600 millimetres, as well as different colour and decor variants for the stainless steel housing round off the design options. The canopy cover and the luminaire ring are made of evenly polished stainless steel. Overall, the luminaire geometry is very slim: the seamless decorative ring is only 36 millimetres wide. This gives the luminaire a more or less floating appearance.

Light quality
An innovative anti-glare technology and premium LEDs offer an economical lighting solution for building owners and lighting planners. In addition, there is a choice between different performance levels ranging from 5300 up to 11000 Lumen, as well as different light colours with 3000 or 4000 Kelvin. The pleasant, soft lighting can be dimmed via the DALI control as an option. The high indirect ratio of 60 per cent brightens up ceilings and makes small or low rooms appear larger. ViVAA illuminates large areas efficiently and in compliance with standards. This requires the purchase of fewer luminaires and reduced energy costs.

Daylight tracking
As an option, ViVAA is also suitable for Human Centric Lighting (HCL). The VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) light management system for biologically effective lighting gently supports the natural day-night rhythm of humans. The automatic changing of light colours and lighting intensity encourages waking or sleeping via hormones. This is especially beneficial for ill senior citizens, but also elderly persons who suffer from lack of drive, depression or sleep disturbances. Thus, ViVAA activates in the morning and provides concentration and well-being during the day. At the same it supports the evening relaxation phases and nocturnal sleep. Operation is easy and convenient as the lighting is adjusted time-controlled to daily routines.

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